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I’ve heard tall tales about this place, especially supernatural ones, which has made me extremely eager to explore this mysterious place. I’m not a believer in those sort of primitive fantasies, that’s just my opinion, but maybe this trip would change my views.

Leading up to my adventure of the hospital, I had done some research into why the hospital was initially shut down. The gist of the information I had gathered was that there is no solid reason for closing its doors, other than it was just a government decision. What a waste of infrastructure, especially when they had allegedly left the majority of beds and equipment there to deteriorate which has now either outdated, vandalised or stolen.

I also came across some cheesy Youtube videos which claimed to document some paranormal activity – which was a load of kak. So, I had to see for myself what this hospital was really about.

The hospital guarded by high steel fencing and barbed wire.

I arrived in the late afternoon so I could explore the hospital while there was still some daylight, before exploring it in the dark. I also went solo as I couldn’t wait any longer to see this place; but I think deep down, everyone was actually just too kak bang to join me. I scouted around the fencing until I found a spot where I could jump over and get inside. The barbed wired had been snipped in a certain section where I’m guessing some homeless humans were looking to spend the night under some shelter, and possibly sniff some glue with some ghosts.

I was in, and my adrenaline slowly started to pump as I was finally there. With every step I took the more intrigued and weary I became of my surroundings as I was more worried about real-life problems; like getting hassled by a group of skelms trying to rob me as opposed to spirits stalking me. I continued to check my surroundings until I made it through an entrance that was littered with old shoes and other various items of debris. I followed the passage until it led me into what seemed like an assembly hall.

I found the dead silence and the emptiness of the room quite soothing and I was just fascinated with how this place has been abandoned for over 20 years. You could see time had taken its toll on the place as the roof was dilapidated and the majority of the windows had been smashed in. I continued through different passages and made my way while carefully poking my head around each corner to make sure something wasn’t waiting to surprise me or stab me in my poes.

The next area I explored was the kitchen. I figured this out when I saw three rooms next to each other that had a sign above each entrance saying, “Meat, Vegetables and Dairy”. I stared around the kitchen and imagined it being busy with chefs dicing up ingredients while pots boiled and the smell of food wafted through the air, but all I saw was spray-painted pentagrams on the walls, broken equipment and a dark, cold and empty room. I thought to myself, great venue for a ‘truth‘ jol.

Something that really made things quite intimidating and eerie was the slamming of doors once every few minutes. Because the majority of windows are smashed and the doors are all open, there’s a breeze that flows through the building causing things to move and thus creating lots of spooky sounds. At night time, you can imagine how freaky it can get but there’s always a logical explanation in my mind. But, everywhere I walked I could really feel the emptinesses of this place, like a void that had grown so large, it left a cold, soulless scent in the air.

After exploring the kitchen, I went back outside and made my way around into the main entrance. As I walked in I noticed this side to be much darker and the further I wandered in, the darker it got. In the passage of the main entrance, I noticed a big circle in the roof which was a design feature where people from the second floor could look down onto the first floor. To the left of me were elevators that were both open and I could look down the shaft and see the bottom. Pretty much everywhere I looked it was dark and I was hoping that I wouldn’t come across some vrek human. In the dingiest corner, I found some stairs and started to make my way through all the levels of the hospital until I got to the roof.

I tiptoed the whole way up with my flashlight on, inspecting every step of the way as I was engulfed in darkness. Once at the top, I sat and took a break while overlooking the outskirts of the hospital and Kempton Park. As I sat and gazed, I thought to myself, “yurre, I’ve already done my weeks worth of cardio today”. After catching my breath, I continued to explore the roof but there wasn’t much to see, other than some decayed elevator rooms. The sun was starting to set and I decided it was time to make my way back down the stairways in search of some serious finds like the theatre room and the morgue.

Again, as I made my way down to the lower levels, the sounds of doors shutting and creaking continued and I could tell my mind was starting to play games with me. “Oh my poes, what was that? Did I just see something?” Nope, it was nothing. I then came across something that did slightly startle me. As I came around a corner, there seemed to be a small pool of some sort of red substance on the floor and it definitely didn’t look like Sparletta Sparberry. I immediately thought it was blood and I began to examine it closely. There was no trace of blood anywhere else, no footprints or drag marks and there was no human body lying around, thank fuck. I left puzzled after trying to decipher what had happened here.

Whatever that was, my senses were heightened, as if that were even possible. Things were definitely starting to spice up and I soldiered on in my quest to complete my exploration of this damned place. I ventured through a few dark passages when I finally found one of the theatres. By this time, the night skies had settled in and I was all alone and about to explore the Theatre. Pretty chilled. As I walked up to the entrance, above the door it read, “Cystostomy Theatre”. The sounds of crunching glass echoed with every step I took deeper into the room and the air became colder. I was met by a surgical light that had been smashed on the floor, followed by an operating table.

I decided to make a short film and try to capture the mood and setting of the room, which I did, and as I finished, I heard a loud bang of what had to be a door slamming shut. That’s when I realised that if I wanted to stay longer, I’d have to acquire some nappies as I was beginning to kak myself; but I was eager to find the morgue before leaving.

I started to pick up the pace in search of the morgue, I continued through multiple dark passages while

those fucking doors were still banging and making creepy sounds. Some areas were so dark, they basically might as well have signs saying, “go this way to be murdered”. To amuse myself, I thought it would be funny to shout out, “where are my motherfucking spirits at” while venturing around, but unfortunately, no one replied. After talking to myself

for a few good minutes, which is normal for me, I found the god damn morgue and it was eery, as, fuck, to say the least. There was a table in the centre of the room where I’m sure multiple bodies were laid to be examined after death.

I could only imagine the countless bodies that had past through this room and what the reasons were for death. Cancer, car accidents, murder, suicide, overdose, accidental deaths, strokes, HIV or heart disease; I’m sure a few of each had passed through these doors and ended up on that table. I then took a few moments of silence, closed my eyes and just listened to the stillness of the room and to feel its energy; I felt fok all.

I walked out of the room took a deep breath and exhaled as I made my way to the exit. This was easily one of the craziest adventures I have had since moving to Johannesburg and probably not the safest. But, I had to explore this place and see for myself what it was all about. So, for the million rand question, is it haunted? No. It’s not.

I believe that if people arrive pre-empting that they will see something spooky and supernatural, then in their mind, they’ve already set themselves up to see something that’s not there. But however, this is an extraordinary place to explore and I emphasise doing it with someone for your own safety as this is not for the faint-hearted squad.

The only thing I still wonder about is what was that red substance on the floor…

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